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We bring together the best from banking and technology.
Join us to build together the future of banking.

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"Megtanulni a dolgokat könnyű, elfelejteni nagyon nehéz."


"Megtanulni a dolgokat könnyű, elfelejteni nagyon nehéz."

A hazai digitalizáció megközelítése a Foundation szemszögéből


A hazai digitalizáció megközelítése a Foundation szemszögéből

Ez lesz a bankolás jövője. A Foundation célja egy digitális alapokra épülő bank!


Ez lesz a bankolás jövője. A Foundation célja egy digitális alapokra épülő bank!


Leading financial institution in Hungary

2nd largest banking group with significant market weight.

Rapidly growing
customer base

1.4 million customers & outstanding capabilities in SME, micro, agricultural, and leasing segment.

Build from scratch with no dependency

Constantly looking for the newest technology, holding true to the maxim “innovate or die”.

Way of working

State-of-the-art technology

  • Cloud-native core banking systems
  • Microservice architecture
  • Native iOS and Android development based on Design system
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • CI/CD pipeline for rapid releases

Empowered agile teams

We provide a collaborative environment to work in empowered and autonomous teams to solve customer problems for real impact. We build a culture based on learning and improving our solutions with customer and data centricity.

Not your grandma’s tech stack. We uncompromisingly employ only the cutting-edge when building our products.




Open positions

Open positions

Our values

“Impact on a whole industry.”

We are not just building a bank, but an organization which will be able to generate change in the regional financial sector.

János Pereczes
Lead of the Foundation

"Let’s build the bank we love to be customers of."

It's a great chance to build a bank based on true customer insights and help people in their finances.

Melinda Verebély
Lead UX Designer

"Opportunity to grow"

This is an inspiring environment where personal growth is valued and supported.

Erzsébet Vizaknai
Senior Innovation Manager

“We are building agile culture firmly rooted in the entrepreneurial mindset.”

Choose your career path and broaden your knowledge in a fast-growing team with a lot of opportunities based on your skills.

Balázs Vinnai
Chief Advisor to the Chairman and Member of the Executive Body

"We have the freedom..."

...to discover new exciting solutions to interesting problems, to constantly challenge ourselves, to work with amazing people and to help bring a much-needed change in the Hungarian financial market. What more could we ask for?

Petra Szoldatics
Product Owner

"You can't scale an organization by processes but only by people who can scale."

This means that investing into people is not secondary to the business but it is the actual business.

Gergely Hodicska
Product Engineering Organization Expert

“Once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Building a bank from scratch with the collaboration of designers, developers and business professionals and cutting-edge technology in our hands is exceptional.

Be a part of it!

Norbert Gaál
Head of Design & Managing Director of MKB Fintechlab

“A bank building a bank.”

Technology is here to enable the organization to build products which have true impact on people's life.

That's amazing to be part of.

Robert Oroszi
Chief Technology Officer

In collaboration with MKB Fintechlab

We reshape the bank in collaboration with Fintechlab, the CEE region’s leading design and innovation lab. Together we build a powerful community of experts to solve the most important challenges of the financial sector, and promote digital transformation.

Frequently asked questions

Hungarian Bankholding

Where does the Bankholding operate? What should I know about Hungary?

The headquarter of the Hungarian Bankholding is located in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. It is the country’s most important city with a rich cultural and business environment. With 1,7 million citizens, it is the 9th largest European cities. Budapest is significant economic hub with a fast developing urban economy.

Hungary is located in Central Europe with a population of nearly 10 million. It is a rather flat country, although has several moderately high ranges of mountains, many rivers and lakes. Once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the country emerged from a half century of Communist rule to become fully independent in 1990. From 2004 it is a member of the European Union. Hungary maintains its own currency, the Hungarian forint.

What is the story behind the Hungarian Bankholding?

The Hungarian Bankholding is the second largest banking group in Hungary as the result of a three-way merger. The Hungarian Bankholding Ltd. commenced its effective operation on 15 December 2020

after MNB (acting as the central bank of Hungary) approved the merger of Budapest Bank Group, MKB Bank Plc. and Takarék Group, and the shares of the key owners were transferred to the joint holding company.

The new and unified large bank to be launched in 2023 will introduce flexible, internationally leading digital solutions, and will serve the full market spectrum and all customer segments in the future, with a significant emphasis on the provision of a new, modern range of products and services to retail, micro, small and medium-sized enterprise and agricultural customers.

What kind of bank are we building?

At MBH we have set on a journey that brings together the best from banking and technology worls to build the future of banking.

The new all digital bank will compete not only with traditional banks, but also with innovative financial service providers and large international technology companies with foothold in the financial sector.

We build the future of banking that:

- Amazes and delights our customers

- Challenges and motivates our people

- Employs state-of-art technology

- Fundamentally transforms and modernizes the way banking is done in CEE.

Scope & Ways of working

What will I be working on?
You will help to build the first all-digital bank of Hungary in an agile environment with the most modern tools and technologies. All we do, we do for the customer. Their experience and opinion guide our decisions, design choices, and the products we deliver. This is a unique opportunity to join the team in this amazing challenge.
How will we work together?
We foster a culture of cooperation and continuous improvement. We believe in a flat organization by empowering our people to think big, be proactive and drive results. We focus on employee experience from the very beginning of your journey with us, and we support you with responsible future planning. We believe in digitalisation, and the importance of a collaborative and supportive culture. On typical workdays, you will participate in daily stand-ups, reviews, and retrospectives either online or on-site.
Can I work remotely?
Currently, as we are building up the bank, we expect all employees to relocate to Hungary and work also on-premise in the first couple of months. To support the work-life balance, we provide you with the possibility to work from home.

Tools & Technology

What kind of tools will I receive?
We provide you with high-quality laptops and accessories, so you can make the most of the cutting-edge infrastructure, technologies, and tools we use. Including but not limited to AWS, Kafka, JS, Python, GitHub, Docker.

Compensation & Benefits

How will I be compensated?
We reward high professional contribution and knowledge with exceptional opportunities supported by a highly competitive package. Also, we recognize excellent individual performances with a bonus program.
Do I get extra benefits?
Yes, you will receive a bonus based on your performance, onsite recreation facilities, such as gym access, relaxation rooms, and medical support and health programs. You can also count on discounted banking services.
Do I get any relocation support to move to Budapest?
Yes, we can provide you with financial support for the relocation and with EU visa application support (if needed).

Learning & Development

How will I continue learning in the new position?
We support professional training courses and continuous development based on your pre-agreed career plan.
How will I develop my career in the new position?
You can choose your career path and broaden your knowledge based on your skills in a fast-growing team full of opportunities. We are committed to provide you with coaching and career development support along the way. We help you to set specific, measurable, and realistic performance targets and managerial feedback to keep you on track.